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Application for participating Membership shall be open to any homeschooling family in or near Greensboro, NC that supports the purpose and mission statements found in Article I, Sections 2 and 3 of our by-laws.

Membership requirements may be waived by the Board of Directors in extenuating circumstances. The Board may deny membership to any applicant by a majority vote if they feel an applicant would compromise the mission, purpose or cohesion of EACH.

If you have questions or concerns about whether EACH is a good fit for your family, please contact our Membership Director at [email protected].

*PLEASE NOTE: You must complete this Membership Form, agree to each section of Community Policies & Guidelines for EACH of Greensboro, and pay your Yearly Family Membership Dues to become an EACH member.


All children who participate in official EACH events must be listed on your family profile, including children under 5 or siblings enrolled in other school systems. While membership in EACH requires at least one child be homeschooled, some events (such as the Halloween party, summer splash pad party, baseball game or some class day clubs) are open to all children in your family. We must have emergency contact information and your medical authorization response on file in order for them to participate.

Use the "+Add Child" button at the bottom of the Child Section for additional children and fill out the information for each child. You do not need to create a separate family profile for each child.

Below: "Primary" is the Primary Parent or Guardian, and "Secondary" is the other Parent or Guardian (if applicable)

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MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT - Community Policies & Guidelines for EACH of Greensboro

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