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Member Requirements and Anti-Discrimination Expectations
We celebrate our differences and endeavor to be a safe and welcoming place for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, people of any/no religion, and LGBTQ+ families. We expect members to be considerate and respectful of others. We will not tolerate shaming, name-calling, hate speech, harassment, bullying, or violence. EACH is committed to providing a safe space without discrimination, including discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or handicap, veteran status, economic status, or religion.

We recognize that children are still learning to navigate social interactions. We ask that adults help intervene when needed while redirecting toward appropriate ways to deal with conflict and collectively working toward a solution. In addition, we also encourage you to have discussions with your children about boundaries and consent.

If a member (parent/guardian/caregiver or child) continually creates problems within the group, that member may be asked to leave. EACH exists to benefit homeschooling (or considering) families, and we reserve the right to maintain the integrity of the group by removing any member who does not support or otherwise interferes with these goals. Removal of a member must be voted upon by a majority of the Board (EACH By-Laws Article II, Section 5).

EACH does not provide childcare services. Parents/Guardians/Caregivers are fully responsible for their children's health, care, and well-being. Please be respectful of other people, the environment/space we are in, and any equipment or supplies. Please leave everything in the same or better condition than when you found it.

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy
EACH of Greensboro is committed to providing all members with a safe and supportive environment. Members are expected to treat each other respectfully and demonstrate by example that all community members are entitled to respect. Harassment or bullying of any adult or child member violates this policy. Harassment or bullying based on political preferences, political beliefs, socioeconomic status, race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or handicap, veteran status, economic status, or religion will not be tolerated.

Examples of harassment/bullying by any person, adult or child, may include, but are not limited to:

Verbal Bullying
• Direct Bullying: Taunting, teasing, name-calling, put-downs, racial remarks, threats
• Indirect Bullying: Spreading rumors, gossiping

Physical Bullying
• Direct Bullying: Hitting, kicking, tripping, punching, using any violence and any unwanted physical
  contact, theft of property, or taking anything that does not belong to you without permission
• Indirect Bullying: Enlisting a friend to assault someone

Nonverbal/Non-physical Bullying
• Direct Bullying: Threatening or obscene gestures
• Indirect Bullying: Being deliberately unkind, excluding others from a group, manipulating friendships,
  threatening email, setting someone up to be humiliated

• Direct Bullying: Cyberbullying occurs through technology, including using any electronic devices using
  social networks, text messaging, discord, instant messaging, websites, email, or other electronic
  means. A person participates in direct cyberbullying if they directly carry out the behavior.
• Indirect Bullying: Indirect cyberbullying is carried out by those who assist, encourage, or fail to report
  the bullying behavior in any way. Often, the virtual bystanders are responsible for the repeated
  humiliation felt by victims.

Any person who believes they have been subject to harassment, bullying (including verbal, physical, nonverbal/non-physical, and cyber) or a hostile environment or has observed this conduct based on one or more of the characteristics noted above— whether such harassment, bullying or hostile environment is created by a fellow student, teacher, or parent/guardian/caregiver—is encouraged to report the conduct to the EACH board. If a person is found to have engaged in bullying, harassment, or other acts that create a hostile environment, the person may be subject to discipline, including but not limited to removal from the organization, or, in extreme cases, legal action may be taken.

Safety and Security Policy
The safety of everyone attending is always the priority. As such, the following protocols are in place:

1) Illicit drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, and weapons of any kind, real or fake (guns, knives, pocket knives, etc.), are prohibited at all EACH events.

Weapons violation:
1st offense: If a child or guardian brings a weapon of any kind, they will be asked to leave and remove the weapon from their possession.
2nd offense: Will result in removal pending majority vote of the Board (EACH By-Laws Article II, Section 5).

Smoking, vaping, illicit drugs, or alcohol violation:
1st offense: A warning and asked to stop or leave.
2nd offense: Will result in removal pending majority vote of the Board (EACH By-Laws Article II, Section 5).

2) Every child must have a parent/guardian/caregiver on the premises responsible for them for any activity, class, field trip, or other event.

3) All participating adult teachers, volunteers, and board members must complete and pass a background check performed by the EACH board. Background checks will be conducted every two years.

4) The EACH board will notify members via email about any incidents considered essential by the board.

Class Day Policy

Each parent/guardian/caregiver is responsible for helping their children learn and follow the class day expectations.

Follow the rules of our space at the Recreation Center:

1) Illicit drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, and weapons of any kind, real or fake (guns, knives, pocket knives, etc.), are prohibited at all EACH events.

2) Every child must be signed in and out of their classes and clubs by a parent/guardian/caregiver.

3) Use indoor voices and velocity. Treat the building, equipment, and materials with respect and keep and leave them in as good or better condition as you found them.

4) Do not disrupt activities. Be respectful by listening, participating, and waiting your turn. Teachers and parents, if a child is continually disruptive, please work together to find a solution.

5) All children under 16 years old must be supervised by their parent/guardian/caregiver or teacher. To keep everyone safe while attending a class or club, your child must remain in the classroom space with the teacher until class time is over.

6) Members not enrolled in classes or clubs are not allowed into the classrooms or gym. Students should wait outside or on the playground when not in class. The gym is not an available option.

7) Parents/guardians/caregivers are responsible for caring for their children when not in class or between classes.

8) Children are only permitted in designated EACH areas and classrooms. This boundary is to help keep everyone safe and accounted for while respecting the community center’s space.

9) If a teen (those 16 years and older) is unaccompanied by a parent/guardian, and causes a disruption, they might lose the privilege of not having a parent/guardian on-site.

10) Attendance is not compulsory, but we do encourage regular attendance. Please come to class on time to respect the teacher and other students.

11) Be mindful of members with food allergies. Please keep food and eating confined to the outdoors. There are picnic tables at the side patio and playground area.

We encourage all families to lead/facilitate classes, clubs, or other offerings. We will be primarily family-led, and each family has unique skills and abilities to share.

Refunds: Classes are non-refundable.

Classroom Behavior Expectations
Teachers will set behavior expectations for their classroom. Parents are responsible for their children's actions and behavior. It is understood that if anyone in your family violates the teacher's or EACH's rules, it will jeopardize your participation in the co-op, and the board reserves the right to deny participation to any student or family. Parents will be contacted if a disciplinary problem arises and may be asked to remove their child from class.

Classroom behavior violation:
1st Offense or Day – Give the student a verbal warning to stop the behavior and discuss with the parent/guardian/caregiver.
2nd Offense or Day – Notify the Classes/Facilities Director and bring the parent/guardian/caregiver to class.
3rd Offense or Day – Notify the Classes/Facilities Director and remove the student from class for the rest of the day. The Classes/Facility Director will notify the parent/guardian/caregiver immediately, and a discussion with the teacher will occur after classes.

Emergency Procedures for Class Day
“If you see something, say something.” Members who notice something odd or frightening should immediately tell the teachers or a board member.

Severe Weather
Shelter in place until the weather passes. We may need to delay the release of students until it is safe to exit the building. In the event of an earthquake, calmly instruct students to take cover under tables or desks until the quake subsides. Since aftershocks are very likely, ensure your students are safe, gather all students, and exit the building. Meet at the baseball field.

Fire or Hazmat Situation
Evacuation or Shelter, depending on the situation.

Threat of Violence or Weapon
Lockout, Lockdown, or Evacuation, depending on the situation.

Requires an immediate lockdown, and parents will be informed. Please remember this is a community center, so others may share the space while classes run.

Police Activity in the Area
Usually, a Lockout. Action may be taken by law enforcement, the Facilities Director, or any board member or volunteer at the co-op.

Emergency Responses
Shelter-In Place
Everyone stays in the building, and everyone outside comes inside.

Quickly exit the building and meet at the baseball field.

Everyone outside enters the building, and teachers, EACH board members, and volunteers will lock the doors.

Everyone leaves the building or area quickly and quietly if safe to do so. If you can't leave, go to a place that can be locked or secured.

Field Trip Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the smooth operation of field trips, promote responsibility and respect within our community, and maintain a positive reputation for our group.

1) Families must arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This ensures timely departure, maximizes the field trip experience, and creates a positive relationship between our co-op and the broader community. 

2) If a family needs to cancel their participation, they must notify the Field Trip Coordinator at least 7 days in advance. Families who fail to do so for two trips in a school year will lose the privilege to participate in field trips for 3 months. 

3) In case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances preventing attendance, families should inform the Field Trip Coordinator as soon as possible. The Board will be responsible for making decisions regarding these cases.

4) Illicit drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, and weapons of any kind, real or fake (guns, knives, pocket knives, etc.), are prohibited at all EACH events. All participants are expected to behave respectfully and follow the rules of the field trip location. Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times. We want to leave places with a positive impression of both our co-op and homeschoolers in general. 

By implementing and adhering to these guidelines, our homeschool group aims to foster a respectful and reliable community, ensuring enjoyable and well-organized field trips for all members. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to making each field trip a success.

Refunds: Field trip fees are non-refundable unless the trip is canceled.

Waitlist: If needed, a waitlist will be started for the trip. If a member drops out, the Field Trip Coordinator will connect the member with the next person on the waitlist. It is the responsibility of the two members to exchange any money for the trip.

Park Day Policy
Follow the rules of Greensboro Parks & Recreation and the City of Greensboro:

1) Illicit drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, and weapons of any kind, real or fake (guns, knives, pocket knives, etc.), are prohibited at all EACH events.

2) All children must be supervised by their parent/guardian/caregiver.

3) Treat the location respectfully and keep and leave the site in as good or better condition as you found it.

4) Do not pull on the trees, cut limbs, or otherwise damage the vegetation in the park.

5) Be respectful of the playground equipment and toys donated by the neighborhood.

Conflict Resolution Policy
We strive to maintain a positive environment where children and parents enjoy their time together and treat each other respectfully. Still, as with any community, conflicts will arise. Should anyone experience a disagreement or conflict within the co-op, please follow these steps toward resolution and uphold confidentiality whenever possible.

1) One-on-one Discussion: Go to the person with whom you have a conflict and have a private conversation. Express your concerns and discuss possible solutions.

2) Ask for Board Mediation: If the conflict is unresolved, the parties involved can ask the board for mediation. A board member can help mediate discussions between the parties to find a resolution that can be agreed upon.

3) Involve the Entire Board: If the conflict has not been resolved after a board member mediates, the people involved will present the issue to the EACH board for discussion. The board will give suggestions to help all agree on a resolution.

Communication Policy
To promote open communication between members of EACH and the board, we have various options including our monthly newsletter, members-only Facebook group, and email.

Email is EACH’s primary means of communication. You may receive emails from the board, teachers, coordinators, and volunteers. Official EACH bulk communication sent via email may contain tracking pixels/cookies that are used solely to ensure that the communication is reaching intended audiences. This information is only visible to board members.  Members may opt out of this communication channel using the "Unsubscribe Me" link at the bottom of the bulk emails

Members may contact a board member via email with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Our private Facebook page is the most common way for members to communicate. Our members-only Facebook group is available at www.facebook.com/groups/eachgso. Please don't advertise on our Facebook page. We have the Community Roundup and Promote Yourself sections pinned at the top of the page where you may announce your business/service. While we would love to hear about local events and resources your family has enjoyed, we would like to keep the Facebook timeline free of personal promotion. If you share an event not sponsored by EACH, please note this in the post.

Sick Policy
Please do not attend events if anyone in your household has had symptoms like fever, vomiting, or diarrhea in the last 24 hours, is positive for COVID-19, flu, or strep, or is generally unwell. We expect our families to be proactive and conscientious in keeping our group well and functioning. EACH is taking steps to keep our events as safe as possible and reduce the risks of contracting illnesses. Masks are optional, but teachers may require masks in their classes.

Symptoms or Testing Positive for any infectious disease:
If you have tested positive (even without symptoms) for any contagious illness, please do not attend classes or events until you are no longer experiencing symptoms. As with any activity in public, there is an inherent risk of contracting any circulating contagious illness while at our events.

Inactivity Policy
To ensure our community remains active and engaged, we encourage all members to participate as much as possible. If a family is deemed inactive (i.e., does not attend any type of event for two consecutive quarters, such as park days, class days, field trips, or other events), we reserve the right to place their membership on hold or deactivate it. This does not apply if the family has notified the membership director that they will be unable to participate for an agreed-upon amount of time due to travel, illness, family crisis, etc.

By agreeing to this policy, you also acknowledge that EACH reserves the right to deactivate your membership if your family does not have at least one child who is currently being homeschooled and resides in the Greensboro/Piedmont Triad area. You agree to notify us if you no longer qualify for membership. We have a limited number of spots available and often have a waitlist of families eager to join our community.

Please note annual membership dues are non-refundable.

The Community Policies & Guidelines were approved by our EACH Board by a majority vote on Thursday, May 30, 2024.